Increase profits by reducing time and cost of product development.

Uplift in sales due to shorter time-to-market.

Raise profit margin and lower recall costs with increased product quality.


OASIS offers industry leading optimization methodologies that are efficient for a broad spectrum of design optimization problems. Our optimization algorithms can be used for both single and multi-objective design, and are capable of addressing high dimensional and multimodal design space. Our parameterless optimization technology makes configuring and running optimization tasks as easy as a click of a button.


It is incredibly simple to setup projects in OASIS. With no algorithm picking or algorithm parameter tuning needed, OASIS’ simple GUI and straightforward software interface allows the user to define objectives, constraints and variables quickly and conveniently for fast and efficient optimization.

 Users are able to easily define variables, objectives, and constraints

Users are able to easily define variables, objectives, and constraints


OASIS comes with a suite of visualization tools that enable effective visual analysis of the design space. From our uniquely branded parallel coordinates plot to our feature rich 3D surface plot, all of our visualization tools are seamlessly integrated together to provide the most insight.



Simulation assets are expensive and often underutilized when used in manual workflows. In most cases, employees work 40 hours a week, meaning that simulation assets are not productive the other 128 hours of the week. OASIS can intelligently run simulations day and night to maximize the productivity of your simulation assets. With simulation software packages with a price tag of up to $100,000 per seat, OASIS can derive up to $320,000 of additional value in simulation software utilization for your organization

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