Empower Introduces CAD-Embedded Optimization Plug-In

In attendance at the recent CAASE (Conference on Advancing Analysis and Simulation, cohosted by NAFEMS and DE, June 5-7) was Dr. Gary Wang, CEO of Empower Operations. An ASME Fellow, Wang is also Professor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering at the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.

Wang and his colleagues believe the time is ripe for CAD-embedded optimization. So they went after what seemed like the largest pool—SolidWorks CAD users—with a plug-in called OASIS.

Optimization for Competitive Advantage


…the overall standard in today's markets are creating an increasingly competitive landscape. Companies are frequently pressured to cut costs while maintaining high standards. Often quality, price, and safety must be carefully considered.  For many industries, changes in regulatory standards loom over while these pressures exist. Adding to an already complex state, manufacturers have to consistently and carefully innovate to remain relevant - not just on their products, but also internal processes to strengthen their value chain while managing at the margins.