Decades of Optimization Research in a Click

How OASIS Works:

OASIS is able to compute the full range of design possibilities and uses intelligent sampling which pinpoints the focus areas that contain the most promising options; regardless of design complexity.

The application of OASIS’ techniques yield best designs found in less time, while users generate meaningful data to understand their models better.

OASIS Optimization Core Explained p2.png

Included Algorithms:

  • SOGO (Single Objective Global Optimization): solving global optimization problems with one objective and many inexpensive constraints

  • MOGO (Multi-Objective Global Optimization): solving global optimization problems with more than one objective and inexpensive constraints

  • SOGO-C (SOGO for Constrained Problems): solving global optimization problems with expensive constraints and/or tightly-constrained search spaces

All three OASIS algorithms share common features:

  1. Solution for linear/nonlinear, discrete/continuous, and unimodal/multimodal problems.

  2. Superior performance from low-scale (number of variables less than 10) to large scale problems

  3. Direct integration with external analysis or simulation, no equations necessary

  4. No algorithm picking

  5. No algorithm parameter tuning

  6. Effective optimization with fewer simulation calls