Improving Process & Product Design Through Optimization Algorithms

OASIS plugs into simulation suites & equips users with decades of optimization research in a single button to:

+ Identify Optimal designs quickly

Through its advanced capabilities, OASIS finds the best designs in less simulation runs. With true scalability, users can optimize 100+ variable problems within a limited design search space.

+ Click & Optimize

No algorithm picking or programming language needed. OASIS is deisgned to optimize with minimal disruption to your design workflow.

+ Automate Design Exploration

OASIS pilots your modeling and analysis tools unattended. With enhanced self-correcting optimization methodologies, OASIS automates the search and iteration process while gathering meaningful data on your designs and process.

Optimize in Three Steps:

  1. Define your design by connecting OASIS to your simulation software

  2. Identify the variables, objectives,  and constraints for your design

  3. Click “Optimize!” and OASIS will begin its intelligent search

Put OASIS to the Test

This new generation of intelligent engineering beats other commercial tools on the market by up to an order of magnitude. The key to OASIS is:

  1. Its ability to compute the full range of design possibilities using intelligent sampling

  2. Rapidly pinpoints the focus areas that contain the most promising options

  3. Intelligently explores within those areas to find the top solution, regardless of design complexity

For Designers/FEAs

  • Optimize highly dimensional and highly constrained black-box problems
  • Identify a global optimum in less simulation runs
  • Gain insight into variable relationships through advanced reporting and visualizations


  • Increase profits by reducing time and cost of product development
  • Raise profit margin and lower recall costs with increased product quality
  • Gain a competitive advantage by strengthening your value chain

For Chief Engineers

  • Shorten the feedback loop between Design and FEA
  • Increase your simulation runtime and designs explored
  • Reduce development costs through early design improvements

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