Get optimal designs quickly

Even if you have complex design requirements or many variables.

Let it run while you sleep

OASIS pilots your modeling and analysis tools unattended - ANSYS, SOLIDWORKS and many others.

No need to set up formulas

(Unless you want to.) The built-in algorithms know what to do.

OASIS beats any other tool you've seenby an order of magnitude

  • It iterates hundreds to thousands of design options in an hour or overnight

  • It reduces our customers’ costs by 5-10% or more while improving quality by up to 65%

This new generation of intelligent engineering software uses powerful algorithms and machine learning. The key to OASIS is its ability to compute the full range of design possibilities using intelligent sampling, then rapidly pinpoint the focus areas that contain the most promising options, then explore intensely within those areas to find the top solution. Regardless of design complexity.


Achieve your best potential

With OASIS you get better design quality, faster, and with cost reductions

Would you like us to run an OASIS benchmark with you to prove it? Contact us.