The Empower Team

Optimization MDO, Simulation-based optimization, Simulation-based design, ANSYS, CAD, CAE, FEA, Rapid Iteration, Design Exploration, Design of Experiments, Simulation software, Multi-disciplinary design, Engineering

Dr. Gary Wang


Dr. Wang has more than 20 years of research and development experience in related areas and is recognized as one of the world leaders in engineering design and optimization.  He is the recipient of the 2005 National I. W. Smith award for creative engineering from the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering (CSME), as well as the 2006 Rh Award from University of Manitoba for outstanding research contribution. Being an ASME Fellow, Dr. Wang is currently serving as an associate editor for field top journals Engineering Optimization and ASME Transactions, Journal of Mechanical Design.

George Cheng


George Cheng is involved in research and development of simulation-based optimization methodologies as well as leading the product development of the flagship software tool OASIS.  George  was the Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) winner and two-time recipient of the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA), and was the recipient of the Young Innovator Award from Surrey Board of Trade in 2015. 


Geoff Groos


As an SFU graduate and software wizard, Geoff Groos designed the main software architecture for OASIS and leads the development team. Before coming to Empower, Geoff worked for iQmetrix under an NSERC URSA grant. Geoff is a technology-polygot, leveraging technologies across many different stacks and domains, from Fortran to Kotlin, to aggressively develop the frontier of optimization and visual-analytics technology. You can find Geoff on Stack-Exchange, Github, and Kotlin Slack channel under the pseudonym "Groostav".

DR. Cenk Feridunoglu


Cenk has spent 20 years at various fields ranging from academic research, engineering design and software development. He was involved in manufacturing while managing a hot forging facility in Istanbul, Turkey. He has also worked in the international Oil & Gas industry implementing database systems to leverage engineering, health & safety, e-learning and ERP projects in Kazakhstan. He believes simulation driven engineering design coupled with state of the art optimization is the next curve.



Daniel Ruhr


Daniel is a results-driven professional who believes in a collaborative and customer-centric approach to business transformation and innovation. He is passionate about understanding client needs, proactively bringing creative solutions, analyzing the potential value creation; effectively building the case for change to help organizations achieve their business goals.

Justin Casol


Justin was made an official member of the team after being brought on as a Co-Op to create some pretty graphs for visualizing big data. As part of the development team, he slings some mean code lines and headed the first forays into direct integration with simulation software. He acts as an unofficial balancing lever between conservative solutions to business concerns and Geoff’s ever present urge to ride the bleeding edge with new technologies.



Vincent Han


Vincent joined the company as an SFU Co-Op student and continued his journey with Empower Operations after his graduation. As we are pursuing a clean, intuitive and informative workflow for OASIS, his knowledge on user interface and his critical view on user experience is a perfect fit. He has helped build up the basis of the front-end GUI. His ability to quickly prototype pushes the development of new features forward as we are following the MVP design methodology. Often juggling between ranges development and management roles, Vincent is also a jack of all trades of the team to get job done quickly and efficiently.

Alejandro Lorenzo-Luaces


Alejandro is one of the latest additions to the Empower Operations team and has added a fresh pair of curious eyes to the software development process. His detail oriented approach and desire for the smoothest possible user experience has had a polishing effect on OASIS.



Logan Su


Logan, a Fudan University MBA graduate, has worked in SAIC SHAC and Magna Cosma (Some of worlds biggest 500 companies). He has much experience in engineering design, quality, logistics, purchasing and sales in the automotive industry. Logan is also familiar with the engineering development process and is a very critical thinker. Now he is responsible for building the Empower Operations China team and tapping into the Chinese market.



Easton has rich experience in the CAE simulation area. As a technical engineer at Empower Operations China, Easton, who likes challenges, is mainly responsible for the market development and for providing customers with technical support and services in China. He also takes on the task of preparing technical and project proposals at customer's requests.



Oscar Meza


Mr. Meza brought to the team close to 20 years of global sales experience in engineering equipment and software.  With a strong engineering background, Oscar was the executive vice president of Creaform Inc., leading which was once a Canadian start-up company to a world-leading company for 3-D scanner and software with 20 times the sales growth in 6 years.  Mr. Meza has rich experience in global sales and deep understanding of different countries and cultures.   He has built successful distribution and sales network worldwide.

Dr. Iain Begg


Dr. Begg brought to the team over 25 years of experience in software development and commercialization. Dr. Begg led research and development projects of various scales, and since 2002, he has been providing consulting services on visualization and data analysis to Fortune 500 companies spanning from finance, health, to engineering and other fields.  Dr. Begg is currently an advisor for 6-7 start-up companies.

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jack feng

Jack Feng


Jack Feng has 30 years of marketing and management experience. He has a great amount of experience in marketing strategy, international trade and distribution system setup and management. He strongly believes in the motto

Treat your partners the way you want to be treated