OASIS connects to most simulations easily and seamlessly through plugins. Some simulations require use of our powerful and easy to use input file reader and output file editor, and some rare exceptions require custom scripting to integrate. Even if you use a custom or unusual simulation, we at Empower have never encountered a simulation we could not integrate with!


The OASIS plugin for ANSYS, available free from the ANSYS app store, offers push-button optimization of ANSYS workbench solutions. We leverage the existing parameterization system within ANSYS to empower your existing models with our state-of-the-art rapid iteration technologies.


The OASIS add-in for SOLIDWORKS is a simple and powerful in-SOLIDWORKS component to build a list of parameters on your existing SOLIDWORKS models, allowing you to get started with rapid iteration quickly and easily.


OASIS comes out-of-the-box with samples to get started with MATLAB, Abaqus and Microsoft Excel. It also includes many sample scripts to get you going with different types of integrations like PowerShell, including those that run on High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, with more sample scripts like Python planned too. OASIS has always integrated arbitrary search and optimization algorithms with arbitrary simulations, making general purpose integration a core part of its design.



 OASIS imports your simulations easily

OASIS imports your simulations easily

Our support team is available to help if you get stuck. We’ve run OASIS on a wide range of design problems from mining to aerospace, with physical, logistical and process-oriented models. We’re confident OASIS can be integrated with your simulation quickly and easily. Here is a typical real-life experience:

Tim is a designer who already had a very complex and industry-specific set of scripts involving multiple tools to perform his simulation work, including ANSYS and MATLAB. When he started with OASIS he wasn’t sure how he wanted to configure his design goals. Using a few simple custom integrations that he derived from the samples included with OASIS, he began using OASIS’ powerful testing tools to play with variables in his model. In a matter of hours, he was able to begin design iteration. In the end, he not only found several better designs than the one he started with, but he also discovered new facets to his designs that he hadn’t considered before.

OASIS combines:

  • Minimal configuration and easy integration

  • Self-configuring and self-correcting algorithms

  • State-of-the-art optimization techniques

This means that users of all kinds are empowered to design their components more effectively and iterate their designs more rapidly.

Let us show you what we can do. Ask us how OASIS might be best used for your designs, read the white papers or ask us a question about integrating with your tools.